If you want to establish and maintain a successful competitive position, you have to use your technologies correctly. However, with shrinking market life cycles and increasing global competition, only those companies that develop and deploy technologies in a customer-oriented manner and substitute them again in good time will be able to survive. At the same time, successful innovation management also plays a decisive role because competitors are less and less able to assert themselves through technological advances and genuine innovations.  

Manufacturing companies must quickly translate individual customer requirements into profitable products and at the same time survive in global competition. To achieve this, model cycles are often drastically shortened and customers are divided into ever finer micro-segments. Still, the higher the complexity of the product range, the smaller the number of units per model, which increases the cost pressure per product produced. Successful companies are those that can offer many product variants with fewer resources through good management. 

With our events in the topic area of innovation and technology management, you will learn how to conduct smart innovation management in your company and how to use the right technologies profitably.