Manufacturing technology plays a central role in maintaining the competitiveness of manufacturing companies. This is because companies are required to integrate new technologies and to improve and further develop existing manufacturing processes, in order to constantly adapt their products to market needs. Criteria such as process reliability and robustness, as well as productivity, must also be taken into account alongside other economic factors.

A key topic in the area of manufacturing technology is the development of modern power transmissions. It is characterized by constantly increasing demands on the functions and processes to be realized. In the area of application behavior, for example, ever higher power densities are required with simultaneously favorable excitation behavior of the gear teeth.

Gear manufacturing is a particular challenge due to the high complexity of the components and the high demands on workpiece quality.

In our seminars on the topics of manufacturing and gear technology, you will stay up to date in the industry and learn, for instance, where the current development possibilities in gear technology lie and how to increase the power density.