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Events | Convention

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Our events are developed in cooperation with the Machine Tool Laboratory (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University, one of the largest production technology institutes in Europe, the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) and other partners related to the research location of the RWTH Aachen campus — with the aim of imparting current research developments according to your needs.

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Please note that a bilingual description is only available for the seminars that are translated simultaneously or held in English.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions WZLforum gGmbH

  • Area of Application
    The following general company terms and conditions apply to all contractual conditions between participants and continuing education organisations offering for example; seminars, symposiums or day conferences, as well as the WZLforum gGmbH.
  • Registration / Registration Confirmation
    Registration for any continuing further educational events can be done online, by E-mail, post or telephone (only reservations). The registration is first confirmed and legally binding upon reciept of confirmation in writing per post from the WZLforum gGmbH. Upon registrations by consulting companies and competing institutions, we reserve the right to investigate on the degree of business competition with any partners involved with the event and to deny the participation or cancel the registration on these grounds.
    To every legally binding registration applies all underlying general terms and conditions.
  • Payment
    The participation fee is upon reciept of the invoice, and without any deductions, to be immediately paid. The cost of service charges is the responsibility of the participant and to be paid in full. By nonsucessful payment, the WZLforum gGmbH withholds the right to cancel and transfer the placement to another party. By late payment, the WZLforum gGmbH is entitled to apply an additional interest of 5% over the base interest rate (§247 Abs. 1 BGB) per annum.Included in the charges are the above mentioned services and training, however, regularily not included are the travel and accomodation costs.
  • Withdrawl / Cancellation
    The participant has the right to cancel. A cancellation may occur within one week of registration, and registration begins immediately with reciept of written registration (online, E-mail, post or fax). A cancellation within the one week period requires no explanation and must be submitted immediately in writing. The cancellation policy is no longer applicable once the conference has started and the participant is in attendance. Independent of the cancellation policy, the participant has the right to name a substitute participant to take their place at the conference. After the cancellation expiry date, no further cancellations are possible and the full participant fee will be invoiced. If a cancellation is made one week before the beginning of the conference, the participant fee will be reduced to 100,-Euros.
  • Cancellation or Program changes by the Conference Organiser
    WZLforum gGmbH withholds the right to cancel conferences. The participants will immediately be informed (by telephone and in writing) of any change of program or cancellation. The WZLforum gGmbH will offer if possible the participants an alternative conference place or date if necessary. If the participant agrees, the change is free of charge. If however the participant does not agree, the full applicable conference fees will be reimbursed. Further changes and demands are not included, as is incurred travel and accomodation charges, as well as working days lost, will not be reimbursed. WZLforum gGmbH reserves the right to allow for changes to the organisation, changes to personnel or invited speakers, or changes to the scheduling of the conference which have no fundamental influence on the final character of the conference.
  • Participation Certificates
    Every participant receives a participation certificate upon personal request to the WZLforum gGmbH.
  • Copyright
    The further education and event documents and files (print and digital) are protected by copyright. Reproduction, distribution or other use of these documents is only permitted with the explicit written consent of the WZLforum gGmbH.
    The WZLforum gGmbH owns the copyrights to video and audio recordings produced by the WZLforum gGmbH or recorded in the studio of the WZLforum gGmbH as well as to recordings of digital events conducted by or with the WZLforum gGmbH and recorded by the WZLforum gGmbH. Further agreements and possible transfers of rights of use to third parties are governed by project-related license agreements.
  • Accountability
    All conferences will be held with the appropriate, authorised lecturers or authors and thoroughly prepared and organised. The WZLforum gGmbH is not responsible for the timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the lecture contents or conference execution. For dammaged personal property or belongings, the WZLforum gGmbH takes legal responsibility only if willfull intent or negligence on their part can be proved, and as long as there are no legal regulations to the contrary.
  • Storage of Data
    The WZLforum gGmbH keeps personal data confidential and uses the data only under the legal data protection act. Personal data is reserved only for the sole purpose of conference organisation by the WZLforum gGmbH, and for future offers by the WZLforum gGmbH. Every participant has the right to refuse the storage and future use of their personal data for unrequested correspondance of informational material.

Partnership, sponsoring and exhibitors

  • General:
    The event will be held with an accompanying industrial exhibition as specified by the organiser. The event will take place on the dates and at the premises or digitally as noted in the partnership / sponsorship / exhibition agreement.
    The general technical regulations of the event hall or the organiser for digital events apply. If subcontracting exists for the implementation of the industrial exhibition, this will be noted in the partnership / sponsorship / exhibition contract.
    The organiser has transferred the organisation and invoicing to WZLforum gGmbH at RWTH Aachen University.
  • Registration requirements:
    The application for participation is made by means of a partnership / sponsorship / exhibition contract, which must be completed, signed with legally binding effect and submitted to WZLforum gGmbH at RWTH Aachen University.
    By concluding the contract, the partner / sponsor / exhibitor accepts the exhibition conditions of the organiser in all parts.
  • Stand space rental at in-person events:
    The partner / sponsor / exhibitor will receive a confirmation after acceptance of his registration. If the event is an in-person event, the following applies: The exact stand space allocation will be made by the organiser at a later date.
    The allocated stand space may be adapted in front and depth to the local building regulations. Stand spaces will be allocated on the basis of the chronological order of registrations. Any transfer, even partial, of the rights arising from the admission to third parties requires the written approval of the organiser. The organiser is entitled to change the location and size of a stand area, even at short notice, if this is necessary due to legal or official regulations in connection with the corona pandemic.
  • Termination of contract / cancellation:
    The booking is binding through the signing of the registration form by the partner / sponsor / exhibitor and confirmation by the organiser.
    Cancellation by the partner / sponsor / exhibitor
    Cancellation by the partner / sponsor / exhibitor of this contract is only possible by written notice of cancellation. If the partner / sponsor / exhibitor withdraws from the contract, it shall still be obliged to make payment:

    • For a cancellation up to 6 months before the event date 20% of the contract sum.
    • For a cancellation up to 3 months before the event date 50% of the contract sum.
    • For a cancellation up to 6 weeks before the event date 80% of the contract sum.
    • For cancellations 6 weeks or more before the event, 100% of the contract sum.

    Cancellation by the organiser
    The organiser bears the economic risk of the event: The organiser therefore reserves the right to cancel the event at least 6 weeks before the scheduled date. Payments already made to the organiser will be refunded.

  • Terms of payment:
    The partner / sponsor / exhibitor is obliged to transfer the full contract sum by the date specified on the invoice at the latest. If the invoice is not paid or not paid in full, the organiser is entitled to deny the partner / sponsor / exhibitor access to his stand area / access to the digital event at the beginning of the set-up. In the event of late payment, interest on arrears shall be payable at a rate of 2% above the respective discount rate of the Bundesbank.
  • Liability and insurance:
    The organiser accepts no liability for any damage, loss to partner / sponsor / exhibitor owned or hired property. This also applies to damage to persons caused by the partner / sponsor / exhibitor or his staff, even if the partner / sponsor / exhibitor or his auxiliary persons are not at fault. Each partner/sponsor/exhibitor is recommended to take out insurance against the usual insurable risks such as theft, fire and transport of exhibition goods. The partner / sponsor / exhibitor is liable for damage caused, for example, by painting or sticking parts of the hall, adhesive residue on the hall floor, nailing or drilling into floors, walls or ceilings. Any additional cleaning or repairs caused by unsuitable material shall be borne by the partner/sponsor/exhibitor concerned.
  • Stand design and limitation of measures:
    The partner / sponsor / exhibitor is only permitted to advertise their own company within the scope of the contractually agreed services. Additional marketing and advertising measures during the event require a written agreement and are generally additional services subject to a charge, which require the consent of the organiser. In the case of presence events, the presentation on the exhibition area can only take place in the form of a stand, which the partner / sponsor / exhibitor is obliged to adhere to.
  • Handling of the event premises during in-person events:
    Walls, floors, pillars and other furnishings must be treated with care and may not be pasted over, nailed, painted or covered with double-sided adhesive tape. The use of flame-retardant material (B1) for stand construction and decoration is obligatory. Proof of this must be provided to the fire authorities if necessary. The use of open fire or light, e.g. spirit, heating oil or gas etc. is prohibited. Fire alarms, hydrants, electrical distributors, switchboards and telephone distributors must remain freely accessible. Empties must be disposed of by the stand personnel and may not be deposited or left in the aisles. Storage during the conference is not possible. Should it become necessary for the organiser to dispose of partner / sponsor / exhibitor materials, € 3 per m² of disposal material will be charged. In the event of extraordinary use by the partner / sponsor / exhibitor, the partner / sponsor / exhibitor may be charged for electricity connection / power consumption / cleaning / telecommunications costs.
  • Catering: The right to provide catering is the responsibility of the organiser. The serving of own / brought-in food, drinks, etc. is generally not permitted and only possible in agreement with the organiser.
  • Data use and processing:
    In accordance with DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation), article 6, paragraph 1, the data listed during registration will be processed for the implementation of the contractual relationship and billing.
  • Place of jurisdiction:
    The place of jurisdiction is Aachen.

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Fünf Tage – hochwertige Vorträge – umsetzungorientierte Workshops – ein spannendes Netzwerk: Als Teilnehmer unserer Zertifikatkurse profitieren Sie von der Möglichkeit, mit uns in einen intensiven Austausch zu gehen. Sie diskutieren ihre eigenen Fragestellungen mit unseren Referenten und spiegeln sie an den Praxisübungen innerhalb der Kurswoche. Ihren Lernerfolg sichern wir durch eine abschließende Prüfung und bestätigen Ihnen die erfolgreiche Teilnahme durch die Verleihung des RWTH Aachen Campus Zertifikats. Unsere aktuellen Zertifikatkurse finden Sie hier: Wählen Sie Ihr Thema!

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Werkzeug- & Formen­bau

Die Werkzeugbau Akademie greift auf die Expertise und das gebündelte Know-how der RWTH Aachen und der Fraunhofer-Institute zu Branchenthemen technologischer und organisatorischer Art zurück. Eine hohe Praxisrelevanz von Weiterbildungsaktivitäten sichert die enge Verzahnung mit führenden Unternehmen der Branche in zahlreichen interdisziplinären Industrieprojekten. Einen Schwerpunkt der Aktivitäten stellt die Weiterbildung von Nachwuchs- und Führungskräften mit speziell aufbereitetem Branchenwissen unter Nutzung moderner Weiterbildungskonzepte dar. Die direkte Anwendung des erlernten Wissens in Fallstudien bzw. im Demonstrationswerkzeugbau ermöglicht einen hohen Praxisnutzen.

WZLFORUM_HEADER_THEMENGEBIETE__DSC2563-uai-258x172 Werkzeug­maschinen


Das Ziel, profitabel zu produzieren, ist die Grundlage jeder unternehmerischen Entscheidung. Effizienz, Leistungsfähigkeit, Verfügbarkeit und Präzision – das sind nur einige der wichtigsten Anforderungen an die industrielle Produktionsumgebung. Leistungsfähige Produktionsmaschinen sind die Voraussetzung für eine wettbewerbsfähige Produktion.
Die Seminare aus dem Bereich Werkzeugmaschinen vermitteln Methoden, Erkenntnisse und Best Practices zur Berechnung und Optimierung von Werkzeugmaschinen und Handhabungssystemen sowie deren Komponenten, zur messtechnischen Untersuchung und Beurteilung von Produktionssystemen, zur Antriebstechnik, zu NC-, RC- und SPS-Steuerungen, Prozessüberwachung und Maschinendiagnose, Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion, Leittechnik und Automatisierung.

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Qualitäts­management & Fertigungs­­messtechnik

Unser Lehrstuhl arbeitet und forscht an der Industrialisierung betrieblicher Prozesse in der Produktionstechnik. Unter Industrialisierung verstehen wir die Erhebung relevanter und objektiver Daten und ihre Rückführung und Ausnutzung im betrieblichen Kontext von Regelkreisen. Die erste Aufgabe löst die Messtechnik, während die Schaffung geeigneter Strukturen das Qualitätsmanagement wahrnimmt. Ziel ist die Schaffung fähiger Prozesse mit vorhersagbaren Ergebnissen in definierter Zeit.

Zur Zeit liegen zu diesem Themenbereich keine aktuellen Veranstaltungen vor.

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WZLFORUM_HEADER_THEMENGEBIETE__DSC2563-uai-258x172 Produktions­­systematik


Produktplanung nimmt einen hohen Stellenwert im Forschungsbereich der Produktionssystematik ein. Hierzu gehören Kernthemen wie integrierte Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung, kooperative Wertschöpfung, Unternehmensmodellierung und Systemauswahl. Für den Erfolg produzierender Unternehmen ist eine
nachhaltige Produktionsstrategie und deren konsequente Umsetzung entscheidend. Hierzu ist es wichtig, einen hohen Deckungsgrad zwischen den Möglichkeiten der Produktion und dem Marktbedarf zu erzielen. Eben hier setzt die Produktionssystematik mit dem Ziel an, den Nutzen der Produktion sachlich zu bewerten und strukturiert zu gestalten. Somit sind Themen des Innovationsmanagements ebenso Kernstück der Produktionssystematik wie Komplexitäts- und Entwicklungsmanagement sowie ein entsprechend strukturiertes Produktionsmanagement, dass sich Fragen nach dem richtigen Prozessmanagement, globalisierter Produktion und entsprechender Produktionslogistik stellt.